Charlotte’s Web Jewellery – perfect anniversary gift

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Lots of you are asking me for an advice on what to get for your partner’s birthdays, anniversaries etc. As my 1st wedding anniversary approaches, I am also struggling to find something that my husband will like and enjoy. On another note, I have recently helped my colleague to find a perfect anniversary gift for his wife from Charlotte’s Web Jewellery collection.

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Charlotte’s Web began to create her own bespoke collection of jewellery and clothing after one her trips to India. She started promoting her range during the intimate jewellery parties and on the London markets. Charlotte’s passion for travel, adventure and fashion is reflected in her designs.


Charlotte´s Web jewellery collection aims to aid mindfulness and creating contemporary yet bohemian style pieces which have strong spiritual connections. She uses the powerful gemstones, which have been recognised for centuries as having healing, empowering or calming qualities means that our jewellery is not simply designed to enchant the eye, but to sustain personal strength and growth at the same time.

Charlotte´s Web jewellery collection includes pendants, earrings, rings, bangles. All pieces are created consciously in India by talented local craftsmen who are treated well and fairly paid.

Charlotte’s collection is perfect for a gift especially if you are celebrating an important milestone in your marriage.

  • 7th Year – Copper – there is a lot of jewellery in Charlotte’s collection that features copper.
  • 25th – Silver – all of Charlotte Web’s jewellery is handmade from Sterling Silver.
  • 30th – Pearl – Charlotte uses Pearls in a lot of her designs.

Who is it for?

Charlotte´s Web’s jewellery pieces can be worn by anyone. Her pieces are modern, chic and combine unique, enchanting designs with well-being. I ordered a couple of items from the website:

  • Rajput half hoop mixed metal earrings.
  • Rajput mixed metal spinning charm necklace.

They are both made from sterling silver 925 including posts & butterfly backs, Brass, Copper & Turquoise. They arrived in a lovely white box and were wrapped up some black tissue paper.


Charlotte´s Web’s jewellery collection is reasonably priced and offers a great selection of gifts ranging from £25.

Please refer to the website for more details.




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