2018 Spring Must Haves

Hello my lovelies! Happy Sunday to all of you!

I hope you’re having a great weekend! It’s so nice and warm right now in London, it feels like we finally have a proper spring weather.

I put together a short ‘2018 Spring Must-haves’ list. I hope you will find it useful and it will give you some inspiration on the products worth getting this season.

1. Azendi’s jewellery
I have recently came across an award-winning British jewellery brand – Azendi. The brand was founded in 1989 and its aim is to create unique designs using only precious metals, beautifully cut stones, and genuine freshwater pearls. I loved a polished look and as I work with clients a lot I decided to get their Silver pearl-bow stud earrings and a silver bow pendant:




pendantThe brand has a lot to offer and their jewellery is very reasonably priced so everyone can find something beautiful on their website. The products are also available nationwide through independent jewellery retailers, House of Fraser and Debenhams stores.

2. DCL skincare

As some of you might know, I am obsessed with my skin. I used to have a lot of spots and tried lots of different ranges and treatments so now I am really focussed on keeping my skin looking amazing all the time. My friend advised me to try DCL skincare. The brand stands for Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories. They have successfully completed three decades of research and development to create some breakthrough formulations. They offer a great range of products including cleansers, moisturisers, exfoliators and masks.

As I have a combination skin, I decided to order DCL’s:

  • Detoxifying Clay Mask – if you have an oily or blemish-prone skin then you should definitely try this mask. The mask is based on an activated volcanic ash which is deeply detoxifying . The natural clays will help you to get rid of oil, reduce blackheads and minimise your open pores. Peppermint and tea tree oils not only make the mask smell uplifting but they also have some soothing and healing powers. I am using this mask 3 times a week and after each use my skin feels soft, smooth and looks really radiant.

Price: £45 for 50ml


  • Multi-Action Penta Peel – this wonderful peel is based on a blend of five naturally derived acids. these multi-purpose peel pads gently resurface and renew even the most sensitive skin in five minutes flat. Refining texture, unclogging pores, brightening and hydrating, these industrious pads also physically buff away imperfections to uncover youthful, fresh-looking skin.

Price: £58 for 50 pads


You should definitely try to use this range – I love it. I’ve started to use it in conjunction with my regular skincare and after 2 weeks my skin looks much more radiant and clear already.

3. Realine Frown Line Patches

I always try to find some new products that work on fighting a specific concern. As I travel a lot and have a stressful day job, I have recently started getting a small frown line. I am only 32 so I had to put a quick stop to this! Realine’s Frown Line Patches restrict muscle movement and prevent expressions lines forming. In addition, they also smooth the existing line and work like non-invasive Botox. You should definitely try them first before you decide to have some Botox injections!

The Frown Line Patches are available on Realine’s website:


4. Pavara’s Sink Tidy

I like tidy, modern surroundings and do not like too much clutter. If you are looking to hide your kitchen essentials then you should consider getting the PAVARA’s sink which will help you to keep your kitchen surfaces clean and organised. Not only it can store the contents such as washing up liquid, hand wash, sponge and brush but it also looks extremely modern and stylish. You can manually rotate your sink tidy to access its contents easily. The Pavara’s Sink Tidy is finished in gloss and it is available in 2 colours – black and white to match the aesthetics of a minimalist kitchen.

Pavara’s Kitchen Tidy costs £49.95 and you can order it on Amazon or on Pavara’s website:


I love all 4 products from this Spring Must-haves list and if you decide to try any of them then I hope you will like them as much as I do 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



Charlotte’s Web Jewellery – perfect anniversary gift

Charlotte's Web logo

Lots of you are asking me for an advice on what to get for your partner’s birthdays, anniversaries etc. As my 1st wedding anniversary approaches, I am also struggling to find something that my husband will like and enjoy. On another note, I have recently helped my colleague to find a perfect anniversary gift for his wife from Charlotte’s Web Jewellery collection.

Charlotte's Web 1


Charlotte’s Web began to create her own bespoke collection of jewellery and clothing after one her trips to India. She started promoting her range during the intimate jewellery parties and on the London markets. Charlotte’s passion for travel, adventure and fashion is reflected in her designs.


Charlotte´s Web jewellery collection aims to aid mindfulness and creating contemporary yet bohemian style pieces which have strong spiritual connections. She uses the powerful gemstones, which have been recognised for centuries as having healing, empowering or calming qualities means that our jewellery is not simply designed to enchant the eye, but to sustain personal strength and growth at the same time.

Charlotte´s Web jewellery collection includes pendants, earrings, rings, bangles. All pieces are created consciously in India by talented local craftsmen who are treated well and fairly paid.

Charlotte’s collection is perfect for a gift especially if you are celebrating an important milestone in your marriage.

  • 7th Year – Copper – there is a lot of jewellery in Charlotte’s collection that features copper.
  • 25th – Silver – all of Charlotte Web’s jewellery is handmade from Sterling Silver.
  • 30th – Pearl – Charlotte uses Pearls in a lot of her designs.

Who is it for?

Charlotte´s Web’s jewellery pieces can be worn by anyone. Her pieces are modern, chic and combine unique, enchanting designs with well-being. I ordered a couple of items from the website:

  • Rajput half hoop mixed metal earrings.
  • Rajput mixed metal spinning charm necklace.

They are both made from sterling silver 925 including posts & butterfly backs, Brass, Copper & Turquoise. They arrived in a lovely white box and were wrapped up some black tissue paper.


Charlotte´s Web’s jewellery collection is reasonably priced and offers a great selection of gifts ranging from £25.

Please refer to the website for more details.







I love January sales. Last week I was browsing The Jewel Hut website which showcases the best jewelery and watches and is a certified retailer for over 80 top brands. The Jewel Hut is the sister site to T H Baker, a family business with nationwide stores and over 125 years of experience. I came across some amazing new charms so today, I would like to tell you about the latest addition to my Pandora bracelet.

As some of you might already know, I love my Pandora charms and I wear it very often. I really liked silver ‘YOU ARE SO LOVED’ heart charm so I ordered it:


When I received my order, I was extremely excited to open my Pandora Box. My new charm is crafted from sterling silver and elegantly sculpted into a heart shape.

On both sides, this gorgeous charm is engraved with the words ‘You Are So Loved’. What a perfect and sentimental words? It looks very pretty and would make an amazing gift for anyone.

You can shop online at The Jewel Hut and order my charm or anything else and you will receive free delivery on all orders over £10:


I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



My new Limited Edition Pandora Club charm 2016

I love browsing the online stores. Last week, I was on the T.H. Baker website which showcases the best jewellery and watches and I came across some amazing new charms. Today, I would like to tell you about the latest addition to my Pandora charms.

As some of you might already know, I love my Pandora bracelet and I even wore it to my wedding in August so I was super excited when I saw the latest, iconic Pandora Club collection. I instantly ordered the Pandora Club Charm 2016 Heart Diamond:


When I received my order, I was extremely excited to open my Pandora Box.


My new charm is crafted from sterling silver. Its design is based on beautiful tiny beads and hearts that are adorned.

On the front side, this gorgeous charm has a diamond that is set in the centre. It looks very exclusive and would make an amazing gift for anyone.


On the opposite side, the charm is engraved with ‘2016’, which is perfect as a reference point to which limited collection it was from. In addition, if you like it and you decide to order it then the person you gift it to will always know when it was gifted to her.


This stunning limited edition, collector’s item would be a perfect addition to any Pandora bracelet. It looks amazing with all my other charms:


You can order it from T.H. Baker a certified PANDORA retailer that was established in 1888 :


I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



Kassandra Lauren Gordon ‘Finding Water On Mars’ private fine jewellery viewing.

I attended a fine jewellery private viewing event by Kassandra Lauren Gordon after work on Monday.



Kassandra Lauren Gordon is currently exhibiting her fourth solo show to showcase her new collection called ‘Finding Water On Mars’ at The Corner Shop in Farrington from the 5th until the 11th of September 2016.

Address: The Corner Shop, Craft Central, 21 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DX



Kassandra Lauren Gordon studied jewellery manufacturing and design in Hatton Gardens and is a registered Fair-trade Goldsmith based in London. Two years after setting up her private handmade jewellery studio in Hackney London, she is now celebrating becoming a partner of ‘Not on a High Street’. She has experience as a domestic violence worker and has worked in the public sector for almost 10 years . Her interaction and day-to-day contact with women in the community have convinced her of the need for women to be more assertive. Many of the pieces from her collection are named after inspirational female scientists.



‘Finding Water On Mars’ collection is inspired by the geology of Mars and it explores the idealism of beginning anew on a blank slate.


Kassandra Lauren Gordon’s collection includes pendants, earrings, rings, bangles and chokers. All pieces are made from precious metals and gemstones by hand and many of the pieces available for purchase from her website are made specially to order. It normally takes 2 to 4 weeks from the date your order to receive your handmade pieces.

Who is it for?

Kassandra Lauren Gordon jewellery pieces can be worn by anyone. Gordon wants all her pieces to be full of sentimental value for their owners thus she has a high commitment to customer service. Her collection is chic but, at the same time, elegant. Gordon’s stunning designs cater for anyone who wishes to wear some beautiful, handmade pieces made from precious metals and values uniqueness and high quality. All of her jewellery can be worn faultlessly in professional and casual contexts as it adds some playful glamour.



As all of Gordon’s pieces are handmade they are more expensive than usual pieces you would get from a high-street jeweller. Nonetheless, the quality and uniqueness of her designs convinced me that they are worth paying a bit more for.

Please refer to the website for more details.



Please find some photos of her pieces below.


Necklaces & Choker:





Etta French Jewellery Candles

I am a very girly-girl and I love scented candles therefore I would like to tell you about Etta French Jewellery Candles today. I have recently received Etta French candle as a gift and the beautiful fragrance was just the beginning…

Etta French LR 139

Etta French Jewellery Candles are amazing as a gift as they combine the best of fragrance and jewellery in one sumptuous package:

  • Fragrance can transport us to our happy place.
  • Jewellery can make us feel special and sentimental.

I would consider them to be a thoughtful gift for yourself or a friend which encapsulates everything you love: perfume, jewellery and the element of surprise. As the candle burns down, your house will not only smell lovely but you will also discover a secret silver packet containing a piece of quality, stylish jewellery, designed and sourced by luxury independent jewellers Pearl & Queenie.


On another note, every candle is hand poured in the UK, using 100% natural plant wax and a blend of exquisite fragrance to infuse your home with luxurious scent. What’s more, Etta French candles are both sustainable and kind to the environment as they are free of petroleum-based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax, they are clean burning, long lasting, free of chemical additives, and not tested on animals.

Etta French LR 121


The initial collection has six scents to choose from:

  • Bluebell
  • Violet and Sweet pea
  • Wisteria & Orange blossom
  • Rose, Saffron & Vetiver
  • Pomegranate & Mint
  • Nutmeg, Orange & Cinnamon


Etta French is all about celebrating luxury at an affordable price. All candles cost just £37.50 and last for up to 50 hours.You can currently get 10% discount (valid for the whole of July). The discount code is ETTABLOGJUL16.



Exclusive Pandora shopping evening


I was invited to attend an exclusive Pandora jewellery shopping event in partnership with Marie Claire UK.  The event’s aim was to celebrate the launch of Pandora Rose in the summer collection.

All attendees were able to enjoy cocktails, bubbly and canapés whilst shopping or admiring the range, which fuses a unique blend of metals to create beautiful rose-coloured jewellery.

The new delicately hand-finished collection features Daisy stacking rings and the ‘Hearts of Pandora’ necklace, which is embellished with sparkling clear stones. I absolutely love this range and decided to purchase a couple of the items from their new collection.

Throughout the event, the Marie Claire fashion team was on hand to give some more insights into the new summer trends. It was great to hear from them about the jewellery styling ideas and get a little bit more understanding about how you should wear your jewellery this summer. On the other hand, I was surprised by Marie Claire presenter who seemed unprepared and lost in her notes… In my opinion, this was the only negative aspect of this event.

I hope to you enjoyed reading this review!