OGX Beauty bamboo fiber-full range

I love trying new beauty and haircare products and today I would love to tell you about OGX  Beauty Bamboo Fiber -full range . Ogx is the first to bring the fiber from the bamboo plant and soy proteins which attach to hair strands to help you create thick hair that’s full of volume and smells fresh.

bamboo-fiber set

For best results, all products in this collection should be used together so I decided to try:

1. OGX  Beauty Bamboo Fiber Shampoo. Its powerful formula blends bamboo fibres and soy proteins to help your hair appear healthy and full of volume. Size: 385 ml.


2. OGX  Beauty Bamboo Fiber Conditioner.  This lightweight conditioner not only smells great but it also detangles fine and fragile hair. Similarly to shampoo this conditioner blends bamboo fibres and soy proteins to help your hair appear healthy and full of volume .  Size: 385 ml.


3. OGX  Beauty Bamboo Fiber-Full Thickening Root Booster. This hair thickening spray helps makes fine hair look and feel stronger, healthier and fuller hair. Size: 118 ml.

I’ve been using the whole range for almost a month and my hair not only smells lovely but also looks healthy and full of volume. In addition, it is based on natural ingredients and it is very reasonably priced so you should definitely give it a go.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



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