My hair transformation at The Chapel Hairdressers


Are you looking for a top-notch hair transformation? I was. A few weeks ago, I finally decided to do something about my hair to bring a bit of life and color back to it. My friend-Amy recommended The Chapel Hairdressers in London. Over the years, the salon has won over 30 business and consumer awards including being ‘Best London Salon’ (Islington) and ‘Best UK Local Salon’ (Tunbridge Wells). I decided to listen to my friend’s recommendation and give it a go.


The Chapel is owned by  Amanda Dicker who decided to develop the unique Chapel experience a while ago. She started thinking about her own brand back in 1994 and during a sabbatical year to travel the world she experienced her ‘eureka moment’ that would later have a huge impact on her business. She realized the key factor that made one place more memorable than another, wasn’t its location or décor but the people and service it provided. She then decided to provide her clients with moments of great hospitality in the oasis of her salons. Amanda opened her first salon, Number 9 Colour & Style a year later. In 2001, Amanda was struck by the architecture of the old Baptist chapel that transformed Number 9 into The Chapel at Tunbridge Wells. Followed by the success, in 2007 a Victorian pub was converted into the Islington salon in London and in 2011 an old school house in Sevenoaks was a location for a third salon.


The Chapel Hairdressers is located at 3 prestigious locations in UK: Tunbridge Wells (flagship salon), Islingon, Sevenoaks. In addition, international guests in Verbier can have their hair done in the stunning scenery of the Swiss Alps.

As I live in London, I decided to visit The Chapel located in the heart of London in Islington, just a stone away from a tube station.


The Chapel‘s vision is to provide all its clients with the best experience possible. The salon vision is to assign the best expert stylists to collaborate in confidence on each guests new cut, colour and style using only the best hair products from the companies such as Redken, Kerastase, Shu Uemura, Olaplex and Purelogy.


I decided to refresh my hair color and when I contacted The Chapel a friendly receptionist invited me for a skin test which was scheduled for 48 hours before my coloring.

Before my skin test appointment started, the receptionist brought me a drinks menu. Whilst relaxing at the beautiful lounge, in no time I received some sparkling water and a mince pie. After a few minutes, I was welcomed by a friendly stylist – Sian. She listened about what I wanted to achieve during our coloring session. We had in-depth conversation devoted to understanding my individual requirements where she provided me with her expert advice and showed me some images of how my hair could look like. We agreed for me to have some highlights to brighten me up and bring out some natural color. After the consultation, Sian conducted a skin test and applied a couple of drops of hair colorant onto my skin.

My follow-up appointment was scheduled 2 days after the initial consultation. As soon as I arrived, Sian welcomed me and took me to the lounge to confirm my requirements and what I wanted to achieve.

In the meantime, a friendly receptionist offered me a drinks menu and as it was almost Christmas I decided to have some mulled wine. The Chapel has four areas for each stage of the visit Relaxation, Education, Service and Tailored treatments (REST). On ground floor there is a reception area, lounge, bar as well as a treatment area for washing, cutting and styling.

On the lower ground floor there is a washing / coloring area and a relaxing lounge.

We started my appointment by coloring so Sian took me downstairs and prepared: a gloss to bring out some richness to my natural darker tones and refresh them, as well as a solid lighter color to add some lighter tones.

Whilst Sian was applying the mixtures, we were talking about her background, Christmas and our holiday plans-it felt like we knew each other for ages. Once my hair colorants were applied, Sian invited me to relax at the lounge whilst my color was developing. In the meantime, she prepared a few ‘potions’ (Olaplex and Kerastase treatments) to minimize the negative effects of coloring and restore the health of my hair. After 20 minutes, when the color developed, Sian washed it off and applied the treatments to my hair. Once, my hair was washed, Sian took me upstairs to cut and style my hair. As I was going out after the appointment, she applied some loose curls to my hair. When she finished, I looked like a new me and my hair looked fuller, healthier and I really liked my highlights.



The Chapel prices are calculated by time rather than individual treatments and they depend on the chosen stylist to create a more flexible bespoke service to its Clients. It also helps guests understand the cost of each appointment in advance. My highlights and cut appointment lasted 3 hours, by Sian told me that women’s cuts average an hour, while more complex cut and colour treatments can last 2-3 hours or upwards.

Final thoughts: 

I loved ever aspect of my hair transformation appointment at the Chapel. Although, it’s not cheap, the salon offers a personalized service and my hair looked amazing so it was worth every penny. In addition, whichever stylist you choose, they will be with you throughout the appointment to answer any questions you might have. I am already looking forward to visiting again and seeing Sian as she’s been wonderful.


If you are interested in booking your hair transformation, please visit The Chapel’s website:



Tried and Tested: Eye of Horus, Brow Fibre Extend!

This week, I would like to tell you about the new launch of vegan approved, Brow Fibre Extend from Eye of Horus.


I’ve tried this product recently as I wanted to fill some gaps in my eyebrows. Nicely defined brows help to open the eye and make your face look more profiled and sexy. I normally use eye-brow pencils but as I love trying new products, I was looking forward to trying this eyebrow fibre. The product is made by Eye of Horus-an Australian brand of colour cosmetics that takes inspiration from the Ancient Egyptians, the originators of Beauty Products. It was interesting to discover that the iconic Eye of Horus was a spiritual symbol of the ancient Egyptians who lined their eyes with black Kohl, creating an almond-shaped eye symbol – which was believed to protect their eyes as well as providing a statement of beauty.


Eye of Horus Brow Fibre Extend, comes in 3 shades, light, medium and dark. As I have brown hair I decide to go for a dark shade which looked natural and gave me an instant definition to my brows. The product contains organic brow enhancing botanicals such as Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract and Laminaria Digitata and Moringa Oil to assist in brow hair growth and make them looks healthy.

The key product features described on the website are:

  • Subtle colour to brow and sets in a long wearing formula
  • Water resistant
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Talc Free
  • Paraben Free

Price: £19.00


If you are looking for a natural, vegan and paraben friendly range eye brow products then you should definitely try it. Mineral pigments give will fill in and gaps and define your eyes with adding a subtle color to your eyebrows. What I personally like the most that the product has a long-lasting formula and I do not need to re-apply it during the day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



Tried and Tested: Maui Moisture Bamboo Fibers Collection

As some of you probably know, I really enjoy trying new hair products.  A couple of weeks ago, I came across the Maui Moisture range. The range consists of shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. What really intrigued me was that all Maui moisture products are made with 100% pure aloe juice and are infused with pure Coconut Water instead of regular water. The range doesn’t include any:

  • mineral oils
  • silicones
  • sulfate surfactants
  • synthetic dyes

There are five ranges available however as I have fine hair, I decided to try the Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore Bamboo Fibers Collection.


The range helps to enhance and strengthen your hair and gives a fuller-looking hair that smells amazing and looks healthy. It consists of:

  • Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore Bamboo Fibers Shampoo (385 ml)
  • Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore Bamboo Fibers Conditioner (385 ml)
  • Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore Bamboo Fibers Blow-out mist (236 ml)

The unique blend of aloe vera juice, infused with coconut water, bamboo fibers, castor oil and neem oil helps to strengthen hair and encourage healthy-looking glow.


If you are looking for a natural, vegan friendly range of hair care then you should definitely give ‘maui moisture’ a go. The range not only smells sensational but it also helps you to gently cleanse, restore and rejuvenate your hair. My hair looks fuller and feels thicker and stronger and I’ve only been using it for slightly over 2 week now.

Give it a go!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



Tried and Tested: Paul Mitchell Limited Edition STYLE DUOS

I love trying new hair products and today I would like to tell you about a limited edition style Duos from ‘ON THE HORIZON’ Paul Mitchell’s range.

Paul Mitchell launched 3 different styling duos to meet the needs of its clients:

  1. Refresh and boost
  2. Stay Smooth
  3. Voluminous Vibes

I decided to try 2 of these limited edition sets.

Firstly, I tried ‘Refresh and boost’ set consisting of:

  • Paul Mitchell’s ‘Super Skinny’ Serum – this lightweight serum conditions your hair and leaves them shiny and silky. It creates frizz-free effect in any weather. In addition, this serum also speeds up drying so you will get lovely smooth results in less time. It comes in a handy 150ml bottle with a pump.
  • Paul Mitchell’s ‘Hot Off The Press’ -is a great heat protector so if you style your hair often then you should definitely try it. It protects your hair from damage caused by heat styling and boosts your hair’s strength.


Secondly, I tried ‘Stay Strong’ hairspray and ‘Dry Wash’ that are part of the ‘Refresh and Boost’ set.

  • Paul Mitchell’s ‘Express Dry Stay Strong Hairspray’ is a strong-hold spray that offers the ultimate style support and provides maximum control and volume. I really love this product as it holds my hair perfectly in place and adds extra movement to it.
  • Paul Mitchell’s ‘Dry Wash’. This is definitely the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used. It has a lovely, clean hair smell and it leaves my hair looking like they’ve just been washed. It is colourless so it is ideal for anyone and it doesn’t matter what colour hair they have. It is suitable for all hair types and it makes my hair look beautiful and fresh.



No matter what your styling concerns are, Paul Mitchell’s limited edition sets provide something for anyone. I’ve been using them for a while now and it would be difficult to move back to using any other products. I truly recommend them and as the products come in summer limited edition sets you are able to buy them at the special price now.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



Tried and Tested: Paul Mitchell’s Limited Edition Hair Brushes

Today I would like to tell you about a limited edition Hair Brushes from Paul Mitchell’s collection. They are bohoo-inspired to help you create festival ready looks at the comfort of your home and on the go.


Paul Mitchell launched two summery hair brushes. I have fine, long hair I just love their Limited Edition 427 Paddle Brush. It is designed for medium to long hair styles and gives your hair a movement and volume that other brushes won’t. It is perfect for blow-drying my hair and it provides a nice, smooth finish. It is pretty lightweight to enable anyone, painless styling.

The second brush that Paul Mitchell launched this summer is a Limited Edition 413 Sculpting Brush. This brush is an essential in any handbag and its vibrant coral colour makes it looks very stylish. It detangles your wet or dry strands in no time. It is also great for blow-drying and finishing and as it is quite slim, it has a permanent place in my gym bag.


Paul Mitchell’s limited edition brushes are the new essential tools for anyone who wishes to get a nice, smooth finished styles and add some movement to their hair. They are this summer’s ‘must-have accessories’.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



OGX Beauty bamboo fiber-full range

I love trying new beauty and haircare products and today I would love to tell you about OGX  Beauty Bamboo Fiber -full range . Ogx is the first to bring the fiber from the bamboo plant and soy proteins which attach to hair strands to help you create thick hair that’s full of volume and smells fresh.

bamboo-fiber set

For best results, all products in this collection should be used together so I decided to try:

1. OGX  Beauty Bamboo Fiber Shampoo. Its powerful formula blends bamboo fibres and soy proteins to help your hair appear healthy and full of volume. Size: 385 ml.


2. OGX  Beauty Bamboo Fiber Conditioner.  This lightweight conditioner not only smells great but it also detangles fine and fragile hair. Similarly to shampoo this conditioner blends bamboo fibres and soy proteins to help your hair appear healthy and full of volume .  Size: 385 ml.


3. OGX  Beauty Bamboo Fiber-Full Thickening Root Booster. This hair thickening spray helps makes fine hair look and feel stronger, healthier and fuller hair. Size: 118 ml.

I’ve been using the whole range for almost a month and my hair not only smells lovely but also looks healthy and full of volume. In addition, it is based on natural ingredients and it is very reasonably priced so you should definitely give it a go.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



Tried and Tested: OGX Beauty biotin & collagen range

I have a fine hair so I recently decided to try some products from OGX Beauty Biotin & Collagen range.

OGX Beauty biotin & collagen products are designed to give each strand of your hair a boost and leave it feeling thicker and fuller.

I decided to try all 4 products from this range:

1. Biotin & Collagen Shampoo. It contains the Biotin & Collagen blend consisting of  to help thicken and texturise any hair type with just one use. This powerful formula helps to volumise even the skinniest strands into fuller and more abundant looking locks. Size: 385 ml.


2. Biotin & Collagen Conditioner. This amazing lightweight conditioner will help give your hair a beautiful boost after just one use. Size: 385 ml.


3. Biotin & Collagen Root Boost Spray. This product should be used after washing your hair and sprayed into roots for thicker, stronger, fuller hair. Size 177 ml.


4. Biotin & Collagen Weightless Revieving Oil Mist. This lightweight mist helps protect and heal your hair while infusing it with lustrous shine. Size: 118 ml.


If you are looking for an affordable hair-care that will transform your fine hair and leave it feeling fuller and healthier than look no further. My hair definitely feels fuller and stronger and I’ve just started using this amazing range. I will definitely try some more products from OGX Beauty soon!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



Tried and Tested: OGX Beauty Niacin3 & caffeine range

As some of you might remember, a couple of weeks ago I tried OGX  Beauty Biotin and Collagen range and really liked it. As a result, I decided to try OGX Beauty Niacin3 & caffeine range. It contains a fallout-busting formula blend of niacin and caffeine to help exfoliate and stimulate your scalp while combating hair loss.

For best results, all products in this collection should be used together so I decided to try:

1. OGX Beauty Niacin3 & caffeine Shampoo. Its powerful formula blend with niacin and caffeine, alpha hydroxy acid and natural DHT blockers can help make your scalp happy and help prevent hair fallout. Size: 385 ml.


2. GX Beauty Niacin3 & caffeine Conditioner.  This lightweight conditioner not only smells great but it also detangles fine and fragile hair. Its special formula blend includes niacin and caffeine, alpha hydroxy acid and natural DHT blockers to help prevent hair loss caused by breakage.  Size: 385 ml.

3. GX Beauty Niacin3 & caffeine Root Stimulator Spray. This invigorating spray helps stimulate the hair follicles and scalp with niacin and caffeine, alpha hydroxy acid and natural DHT blockers. It should be used at least once a day in order to create an optimal scalp environment for thicker, stronger, fuller hair. Size: 118 ml.

I’ve been using the whole range for 2 weeks and my hair definitely feels fuller and stronger. If you need to give your hair some extra boost than you should definitely try this OGX Beauty Niacin3 & caffeine range as a seasonal treat for your locks.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



Tried and Tested: Paul Mitchell TEA TREE LEMON SAGE PRODUCTS

Last month I tried a great scalp care range of products from Paul Mitchell. Today, I wanted to tell you about Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Lemon Sage Products, which is designed to add some extra volume and fullness to fine and lifeless hair.

I decided to try all 3 products from Paul Mitchell’s Lemon Sage range:

1. TEA Tree Lemon Sage SHAMPOO.

This great shampoo contains panthenol that strengthens every strand of your hair in addition to thickening ingredients that boost volume. Size: 300 ml.


2. TEA Tree Lemon Sage CONDITIONER.

This conditioner has a lightweight formula which boosts volume, detangles, adds shine and protects my fine hair. Size: 300 ml.


3. TEA Tree Lemon SAge Thickening Spray

This product is my new best friend. I use it on towel dried hair and normally spray it around 5 times to achieve thicker and stronger hair with lots of volume.



Since, I’ve started using this range my hair not only feels extremely clean but it also looks fuller and thicker. If, like me, you have fine hair and would like to try a range of beautifully scented, natural hair-care products then look now further.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



Tried and Tested: KeraStraight Moisture Enhance Shampoo, Conditioner and Moisture Mist

If you read my posts regularly then you will remember that I tried Kerastraight Volume Enhance range a few months ago. I just came back from my honeymoon in Asia in tropics so my hair got quite dry and unmanageable. As a result, I decided to try some other products from KeraStraight but this time from their Moisture Enhance range.


KeraStraight is a British company, launched 7 years ago, in 2009. It produces innovative hair repairing treatments and products in addition to the award-winning KS Ultimate treatment that repairs and straightens hair at the same time. The range consists of some quick-fix 30-day treatments, luxurious supporting shampoos and conditioners and a small range of highly innovative styling products.


As my hair lacked moisture after 3 weeks in tropics I choose few products from the KeraStraight Moisture range as they focus on straightening and repair.


To start with I washed my hair with the KeraStraight Moisture Enhance Shampoo. It treats hair to a deliver hydration and to maximize the benefits and longevity of my KeraStraight treatment that I had at the beginning of December.



After I washed and rinsed my hair, it was time to apply some KeraStraight Moisture Enhance Conditioner. It contains essential hair care moisturisers, proteins and pro-vitamin B5 to hydrate and revitalise hair.



Lastly, once my hair was washed and towel dried I applied some KeraStraight Moisture Mist. This great product feeds your hair with incredible moisture without overloading. It also contains heat protection and delivers lightweight hold with remarkable softness to your hair.



I love my new KeraStraight Moisture Enhance range as after I used it my hair was frizz-free, shiny, smooth and looked extremely healthy.  What’s more, KeraStraight range is free from harmful chemicals you just know that it gets the best natural ingredients available.

I really like KeraStraight products and would recommend them to anyone who cares for their hair. What are you waiting for? It is the time to unlock your hair’s gorgeous potential.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this review!