Our dinner at Asador Bolixe Cocina Esencial-the best steak in Palma De Mallorca

On the last evening of our mini-moon in Palma, we decided to have a dinner at the traditional Mallorcan steak restaurant –Asador Bolixe Cocina Esencial.



Asador Bolixe Cocina Esencial is located opposit of Parc De Les Estations, just around the corner from the Placa d’Espanya.


We booked our table for 8:30 p.m. When we arrived only one other table was taken but within 15 minutes restaurant was full with locals and tourists. A restaurant opened in 2004 in an old mansion and was renovated but the designers kept some key features of the space such as its beautiful arches and thick walls. Asador Bolixe Cocina Esencials has a simple, modern decor making it a welcoming and pleasant place to enjoy your meals.

The menu:

To start with we ordered a selection of starters:

We accompanied them with some local red wine called Bisbals. It was rich and fragrant.



For our mains we decided to have a steak each.  I always debate which stake to choose as if you want the meatiest meat, choose rib-eye, though the fillet is heavenly for those frightened of fat.


I decided to have some rib-eye and it was flawless. It had the flavor like undiluted beef cordial. With flavors as good as these, you want as many different mouthfuls as you can get. The steak was absolutely gorgeous and cooked to perfection. I would compare the quality of our steak to what you get in Hawksmore in London.

After we finished our steaks it was time for some digestive made out of Herbs of Mallorca.

We both really enjoyed the food we ordered at Asador Bolixe Cocina Esencials, portions were enormous and the meal was really reasonably priced. If you like a good steak than you should definitely visit Asador Bolixe Cocina Esencials. After our starter and main we were really full and I watched in admiration as one couple sitting at the table next to us tucked into a beautifully presented desset consisting of pancakes. I will definitely need to order some of them next time I visit Palma as they looked delicious!


Carrer Eusebi Estada, 33, 07004 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain

For more information and to book visit:


I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



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