Losing weight with The Diet Plate

If you are one of my loyal followers then I am sure that you have realised that I may have put on a bit of weight recently… I was travelling a lot, eating a lot of unhealthy food and didn’t have much time to exercise. It is the beginning of June though and as I am planning to go for my holidays in September or October this year, I’ve decided it’s time to start doing something about my weigh.

First step was to re-join my gym. I really enjoy exercising in the morning before work and it gives me some extra energy to face a day ahead. It’s always nice to have something accomplished by the time I get to the office.

Secondly, I did some research and this time I decided to start a diet plan that I would stick to, in order to achieve my dream weight. I came across the Diet Plate.


It is a visual method of weight loss by controlling the portions sizes and adjusting the nutritional food values directly at the point of serving your food. I really liked that concept because it means that I can have most foods and as long as I follow the portion sizes. It also means that I do not have to cook something separately and can have a dinner with my husband eating the same food. What else could I ask for?
I have also read that The Diet Plate was clinically trialled and the results state that anyone using it is 6 times more likely to lose weight rather than going it alone. The endocrinologist Dr Sue Pedersen from the University of Calgary, said the results were “outstanding and ground breaking!”.
The Women’s Complete Set of plates costs only £31.99 and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

How to use it?

Step 1 -get your own set of plates:

femalebowl & booklet NEW

Step 2 – Learn how to use your plates:

How to use plate

3. Fill in the plate and enjoy:

finished plate

Thirdly, I joined The Diet Plate® online programme which works independently or with the Diet Plate set. It has taken 3 years of development and what I love the most about this programme is that when you join it you can decide how much weight you wish to lose and how quickly you wish to achieve it. Consequently, the programme calculates how long it will take you to reach your ideal weight so you know it from the start of your weight loss adventure. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I can see a steady weight loss.
What’s great is that The Diet Plate® online programme works for anyone so you can use it. It doesn’t matter if you are underweight and wish to gain weight or if you wish to lose weight or maintain goal weight. It is very personal and it almost feels like you are using a personal dietician. I love the dashboards that display a lot of important information and help me make informed choices. I am able to see the nutritional content of my food at a glance and combine foods together i.e. for salad you can add all its components and it will display the overall nutritional KCAL value. In addition, I found them quite motivating as they display a break down with lots of short term goals that show how far I’ve come. You can access it from any device that has an Internet connection.
The programme is extremely affordable and you can decide how long you wish to register for.

I’ve been using the plan for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I can see a steady weight loss and as long as I manage my portion size and do not exceed my calories allowance I can eat whatever I wish to. The Diet Plate online programme is the best diet plan I’ve ever used and a set of Diet plates should become a kitchen must-have for anyone who wishes to lose or gain a bit of weight.


You can learn more about the programme and purchase it on the official website:


I hope you enjoyed reading this review!




Getting back into fitness after my honeymoon

Have you ever wished that you could instantly undo overindulgence? I have definitely done that in the past. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. If you read my blog regularly, you would know that I have recently returned from my honeymoon. During my time in Asia, I worked out only a couple of times and honestly, I was eating everything I fancied as it was a trip of my lifetime.

Getting more active and starting to exercise again can be challenging sometimes, thus I put a few simple steps that you can all follow to maximise your chances of sticking to your healthy routine. This approach worked for me and I hope that it will also help you to stick to your healthy routine.

  1. Find an exercise routine that works for you and you enjoy.

It doesn’t matter what it is: yoga, gym, walking just put any activity you enjoy in your routine, schedule it and go for it. I love my strength and power sessions at my gym and I attend them at least 3 times a week if my busy schedule at work allows it. Try to wake up earlier and start your day being active. I actually got used to getting up at 5:30 and having my workouts before work. When I arrive at my office, I am normally already fully awake, my endorphins are at their highest level and I am ready to rock!

  1. Set realistic goals

When I was younger, I was quite often disappointed that the goal I worked toward didn’t materialise as soon as I would wish it to do. In order to see the results, you need to stay on track and what I like to personally do is to set both short-term and long-term objectives. Try doing a challenge for 2 / 4/ 8 weeks and don’t forget to set milestones where you review your progress.

  1. Track your progress

Buy any activity tracking device that could help you to stick to your objectives. I’ve tried quite a few of  them as you probably know fitness trackers come in all shapes and forms, have different features and are design to fit all price categories. I  currently have a Garmin tracker and I like it as it tracks my sleep, steps, physical activity etc. -standard features of many other fitness trackers.

  1. Find a buddy

It is great to start your getting back into fitness journey with a friend or a colleague so you can both motivate each other and make sure that you stay on track.

  1. Think different – Electric Bikes!

There comes that time in everyone’s exercise regime where they want something different or some variety. Electric bikes are perfect for those who wish to pedal manually or can be used as extra assistance with the electric motor and so perfect for anyone who needs to ease themselves into fitness this year. Visit Fenetic Wellbeing website for more details.


  1. Don’t give up and enjoy it!

The key to succeed is to never give up. I am quite active and I am trying to be healthy however like all of you I have my weak points. I am a massive foodie and if I wasn’t working out I would probably be massive now! You need to be realistic with your goals and at the same time enjoy your life so when you go out for a meal have what you like but make sure that you balance your diet and eat less day after. I never say ‘no’ to a sticky toffee pudding but at the same time I know my limits and I try not to have it too often. Having a ‘cheat day’ once a week when you indulge or have a treat is ok as long as you stay on track and limit it to I.e. weekly not a daily activity.

In order to stay on track I got involved in #FeneticFitness. Fenetic Wellbeing are a mobility company who exist to provide customers with the right healthcare and mobility products for their individual needs. #FeneticFitness’s aim is to help ease and encourage people back into exercise. The campaign is inspired by January being the time that people tend to detox, make New Year resolutions and think ahead to getting fit for summer. So what are you waiting for? Join #FeneticFitness today and enter a competition to win.


From 2nd of February until 14th of February my followers from UK can win a MISFIT Shine 2 Activity Tracker in Rose Gold if they follow @1stclasslounge on Twitter (mandatory). All followers can also get the additional entries by using the Rafflecopter. Winner will be announced on the 14th of February on Twitter. The prize will be send by 2ndclass recorded delivery. This giveaway is running in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing.

You can enter the competition using the Rafflecopter below:


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The competition is run on Twitter by Firstclasslounge.net
  2. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition.
  3. The competition is open ONLY to residents of Great Britain aged 18 and over as at the time of the competition opening. Failure to comply with any part of this clause will disqualify the respective entry from the competition. Prize will not be posted outside of Great Britain.
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  16. The winner’s twitter username will be posted on Twitter by @1stclasslounge after the winner has been selected.

Good luck everyone!

What are your getting back to fitness tips?



Tried and Tested: Zaggora Breakfast Smoothie Chocolate Coconut

What are your New Year resolutions? Mine are to eat healthier, exercise more and travel whenever I have time in my busy schedule.

I exercise quite regularly but my diet is not always what it should be. I do not eat enough protein so this year I decided to change that and have some protein smoothies for breakfast.

My friend recommended me to try some of Zaggora’s Breakfast Smoothies. I decided to order some Chocolate Coconut breakfast smoothie made with Vegan protein.



Zaggora’s Breakfast Smoothie is made 100% from natural ingredients and it has a quick and easy to make formula and I normally only mix it with water. It has only 73 calories so if you are calories counting then this product is perfect great as a breakfast. Each serving (20g) contains 12g protein, 2g fibre, 2g carbs and less than 1g fats. One serving keeps me full and powered until my lunch. On Zaggora’s website I read that this delicious smoothie is:

  • Delicious all-in-One– it contains some great tasting vegan lean protein, antioxidants and vitamins to support health, vitality and beauty from within.
  • Brings Beauty from Within– anti-oxidant mix combines spirulina, wheatgrass, green tea, beetroot and carrot to deliver the potent power of these amazing foods easily into your diet. We have also included aloe vera, chia seeds, flax seeds and lucuma to give you natural sources of Omega 3 and fibre.
  • Helps Weight Maintenance: Only 73 calories. High in protein, source of fibre, no added sugar, low sugar and low fat.
  • Supports Gut Health: Our probiotic and enzyme blends will support a healthy gut, while a mix of potent vitamins will contribute to your energy levels.




400g (20 servings) so it will last you for almost a month.

You can order this and many other products from Zaggora’s website:


I hope you enjoy reading this review!




Nutribuddy’s Weight Loss Kit

As my wedding approaches, I would love to try to lose a little bit more weight. This week I decided to try Nutribuddy’s Weight Loss Kit.


According to the information I read on the website, Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit is:

  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Side-effect free

First impression:

I love how the kit looks-the combination of white and pink and peach colours of the packaging are very appealing.

What’s in the box?

Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit contains:

1. Sculpting Whey Shake – a delicious and low-calories shake (115 calories per serving).

IMG_83352. Hunger Fix tablets – the appetite suppressing capsules that are clinically proven to help weight loss.

3. Multivitamin tablets –tablets that contain both vitamins & minerals to help maintain the overall well-being.


4. Shaker Bottle – great, dishwasher-safe and stylish shaker bottle for mixing up the Sculpting Whey Shake.

IMG_83335. Little Book of Weight Loss – a booklet which contains lots of facts about the products included in the Kit and information on how to take them.


6. Recipe Book –a small book with some interesting recipe ideas.


Price: The kit is £34.99


You can read more about all the products on Nutribuddy’s website:


Hope you enjoyed reading this review! I will let you know if the kit works.



Gravitate Nutrition Supplements: 30 days later

Are you trying to lose weight? I definitely am!

If you follow my blog and read it regularly then you will probably remember that I have recently started using the Gravitate Nutrition-a dietary supplement made from 100% natural ingredients. Gravitate Nutrition is a combination of two types of dietary supplements – Gravitate SuperSculpt and Gravitate DietVits, both of which are formulated to trigger key areas of weight loss. You can read more about it then please read my previous post:


So, did it work? I’ve been using Gravitate SuperSculpt and Gravitate DietVits for the last 30 days and attending the gym 3-5 times a week:

  • I lost 1.5 kg.
  • My waist measurements decreased by 1cm.
  • My hips measurements decreased by 2.5cm.
  • My appetite was suppressed so I wasn’t feeling hungry often and when I did I ate less.


After using Gravitate Nutrition supplements for the last 30 days, I am extremely pleased with the results I achieved in such a short time. If you have any big events coming up and want to slim down then you should definitely try it.

The product comes with 35-day money back guarantee so you are not risking anything. Most importantly though, there are no known side effects of using these supplement and they are 100 % natural so you will not hurt your health.

You can only purchase Gravitate supplements online directly from the official website:


Price: RRP £54.99 but currently if you order directly from Gravitate Nutrition website you can get it for only £34.99.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review!



SlimKitten 7-Day Morning and Bedtime Teatox

Last week, I decided to try SlimKitten 7-Day Morning and Bedtime Teatox to detoxify before I start my diet.


SlimKitten’s Morning and Bedtime Teatox is based on 17 highly nutritious natural herbs only. According to the producer, after 7 days you should: ‘Stop feeling bloated, feel refreshed and awake, reduce sugar and carbs cravings and boost your immune-system.’

SlimKitten’s complete Teatox system contains daytime tea bags and night time cleansing tea bags:

  • 7 days’ supply of Daytime teabags;
  • 4 Bedtime Cleanse tea bags (one for every other day).


I love drinking herbal teas and SlimKitten 7-Day Morning and Bedtime Teatox has helped me to kick in my healthy regime and prepare for my diet. On another note, I feel lighter and my skin looks more radiant. I liked the taste of both teas and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to try an affordable TeaTox.


£8.99 for a 1-week supply of the product.

You can order it from:


I hope you enjoyed reading this review.



Marie Claire @Work Live event

I recently attended a great Marie Claire @ Work Live event which took place on Saturday 23rd April 2016. Marie Claire @Work Live event was a day of game-changing talks, practical advice, invaluable mentoring and hands-on workshops. The event took place at the ultra-modern Altitude London-one of Marie Claire @ Work Live sponsors this year. Altitude 360 boast breath-taking views of the London skyline and is one of the most fashionable venues in central London. Other sponsors included Cointreau who provided us with delicious cocktails during the day and NEXT who set up a Style Lounge on the 28th floor and run a lunchtime talk: ‘Buy it once, buy it right’. Throughout the day there were multiple workshops and all attendees were able to join the treatment area offering a fabulous range of express treatments in between the workshops. Murad, Elemis and Face Gym were some of the brands offering their signature mini treatments during the day.

I decided to attend quite a few workshops and seminars during the day.

First up was the ‘Opening keynote panel: Game changers: how can we direct our professional destiny?’ chaired by Marie Claire’s very own Editor In Chief Trish Halpin. Panellists included presenter and journalist Anita Rani, Google’s, Nishma Robb, psychologist, Laverne Antrobus and founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, Laura Bates.

Secondly, I decided to attend a workshop about Personal Branding conducted by Linzi Boyd. I previously finished a Diploma in Image Consulting so it was great to hear what she had to say. Linzi demonstrated how important it is to have a strong personal brand you can start to take a strategic approach to achieving that goal.


Thirdly, I joined the ‘Inspirations’ seminar where I heard from three exceptional women who have made it to the top of their game. Mediacom Chair, Karen Blackett OBE, Stella Creasy MP and bestselling author Sophie Kinsella engaged in inspiring talks about how to succeed.

During the afternoon, I decided to attend: ‘How to change your job prospects’ workshop run by Kathleen Saxton, Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Company. Kathleen started by providing us with some information on her background and during the session she showed the attendees how it’s possible to affect change within our industries or move into an entirely new career altogether. I found her workshop most beneficial and loved her sparkling personality.

Lastly, there was a ‘Closing keynote’ where I joined comedian, actress and writer Isy Suttie for some live-comedy on growing up and getting on with life. Isy was a fabulous closing act and made all the attendees laugh. What a great end to our day!

After all day of pampering and seminars and workshops I joined aMarie Claire’s team and other attendees for a drinks reception. We ended our day with some delicious cocktails provided to us by one of the event sponsors-Cointreau. The day was intense but at the same time I learned a lot from it so I am looking forward to attending it next year.


Thank you Marie Claire for inviting me to join you during your second @ Work Live event!



Bel Âge Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show


The Bel Âge Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show at Olympia in London run over 2 days from Saturday 14th until Sunday 15th of May 2016. I attended it on Saturday 14.05.2016.


The Bel Âge Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty show took place in London Olympia exhibition centre located in West Kensington in London. The venue was firstly opened in 1886 and serves as a home for international trade shows, conferences and consumer events. It is easily accessible-I went there using London Underground train from West Kensington and walked for around 3 min to get to the venue. During the weekend trains run every 15 to 20minutes which is convenient. Another option was to take one of the Overground trains traveling directly to Kensington Olympia.

My day at the Bel Âge Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show:

I arrived at London Olympia around 11:20. I love trying new products and experiment with treatments so I was looking forward to attending this event for a while.

My facial with the Organic Pharmacy was booked for 12:00 so I wanted to pick up my ticket as soon as possible and make my way to the exhibition area. Exhibitors included companies covering skincare, hair-care, nail care, advanced beauty treatments and nutrition. There were also a few clothing brands showcasing their new designs, a juice bar to restore the energy levels and some fashion brands exhibiting their newest collections.

Facial with the Organic Pharmacy:

After my quick walk around the hall, I went to check in for my facial. The receptionist in the VIP beauty area-Patrick was extremely friendly and after a quick chat he asked me to follow his colleague into one of many treatment rooms. I sat down while my therapist explained the treatment to me. My 30 minutes facial was truly relaxing. It started with some deep cleansing and was followed by a facial massage. In the interim my beauty therapist applied a mask to brighten and lift my skin. Subsequently, my mini-treatment continued with more relaxing massage using the Organic Pharmacy products.

After a relaxing 30min at the hands of the Organic Pharmacy beautician, I walked with her to the Organic Pharmacy stand where Paul, a make-up artist working exclusively for the Organic Pharmacy applied a bit of foundation on my skin. He was very professional and I would love to try more Organic Pharmacy products in the near future as my make-up looked fresh and radiant.

Presentations & Live-demos:

Following on from my great experience with the Organic Pharmacy’s team, I decided to make the most of my day by going to see some remarkable demonstrations of the latest cutting edge developments. Throughout the day all attendees were able to participate in live-demos. I was present at a couple of them. I was fascinating to watch ‘The Cinderella Lift Live on stage’ presented by doctor Aamer Khan from Harley Street Clinic. The treatment is superb for anyone who wishes to achieve a face-lift effect by using this non-surgical alternative. I was amazed by the results achieved during the live demonstration by Dr Khan. The procedure gave some instant results by using a combination of Botox, dermal fillers and PDO threads. The model’s facial contour improved drastically in less than 60 minutes. I am against cosmetic surgery so it was an incredible showpiece of what results you could achieve with less invasive treatments.


Brands exhibiting during the day:

There were lots of brands that I use on a regular basis such as: Elemis, Benefit, Lancôme and Proto-col. Other beauty and skincare brands that I visited included: Aria Beauty, Bionix, Premier selling products from the Dead Sea, Jouve, Urban Veda, Zuzka and Clarena.

There were lots of beauty clinics and doctors providing a valuable advice i.e. Dr David Jack, Dr Jane Leonard, TLC Group, Linia Skin Clinics and Prof. George Nadh. Some of them were even performing some live-demonstrations. They all provided some useful suggestions when I approached them to check what new treatments they could recommend.

In addition, there were a few brands offering their pampering day experiences and photo-shoots. I am afraid that I need to say that the sales reps from ‘The Face London’ and ‘Vanity’ studios were extremely pushy and didn’t take ‘no’ as an answer…  I used to work in fashion and beauty so I didn’t like their approach-giving a quick introduction to your company and services you offer is fine but if you see that your client is not interested you should just leave it… On the other hand, advisors from Donna Bella Ltd, were friendly and welcoming. They were on hand to demonstrate their collection of beauty and hair care products and willing to show how their straighteners and curlers are different from my GHDs.

Moving on, all visitors to the show were able to participate in 30min yoga classes on the fitness stage with the ‘Body and Brain’ who also run a ‘Longevity Walking’ presentation during the day. I also watched therapists from Qi Wellness performing some of their signature energy treatments.

Competitions and special offers:

There were lots of competitions and special offers running during the day. From the moment I entered the venue, I was certain that I wanted to take advantage of some great offers that were available to all participants. Most of the exhibitors had exclusive offers and I ended up spending tons of money but as I always say: you only have one skin so make sure that you look after it! 😉 The offers that I took advantage during the show were:

  • REVIDOX 2 months’ supply (60 tablets) for the price of 1. I bought this supplement to determine if it really works and discover the full beneficial results from REVIDOX+ over the recommended time period. It is a new ‘beauty from within’ supplement backed by clinical studies to fight the signs of ageing on a cellular level. I will aim to provide you with some more information soon.
  • CLARENA Polska offered some discounted prices on their skincare. I spoke with one of their consultants-Ms Ania and bought some Oxygen Infusion Mask as well as a face roller system and hyaluronic roller cocktail serum. I cannot wait to try these products.
  • AURORA light therapy face mask from the Wellness Tree Group was available for £349 instead of RRP of £399. Light therapy is medically recognised and clinically proven to treat a wide range of skin imperfections and signs of ageing. The Aurora mask uses a number of different lights to treat a range of conditions. As I am getting married in a few months’ time, I thought that it will be a great investment as I would love to improve my skin condition before my big day. I hope that the results will be as good as promised.
  • TLC Group offered a discounted price (£59) on their Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Facial. This treatment was great for me as it is a non-surgical alternative that provides tightening and reduces the early signs of ageing and loss of firmness.

Ticket prices:

There were a few options of tickets to choose from:

  • Standard day pass  (£18)
  • Standard weekend pass (£29)
  • VIP day package (£95). The VIP day package included: the official show guide, fast-track entry, a luxurious mini treatment, a glass of bubbly, access to the VIP Lounge and a fabulous goody bag full of beauty products to enjoy at home.

Overall experience:

The Bel Âge Anti-Ageing Show was a fantastic day full of discovering what’s new in skincare and beauty industries, getting some practical advice from the experts and pampering. The event was perfect for anyone who is concerned with ageing and wants (like me) to stop (or at least delay) the inevitable! There was a great variety of exhibitors involved, ranging from one of my favorite British skincare brands – Elemis to less established brands such as Zuzka. It was a great opportunity for beauty and skincare lovers to talk to the representatives from both famous and less prominent brands. I was immensely glad to see a stand from Polish brand ‘Clarena’ which I was looking forward to trying for a long time!

I am extremely glad to have participated in this event and I will definitely visit again next year! Thank you for an incredible day!

For more details visit: