Bel Âge Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show


The Bel Âge Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show at Olympia in London run over 2 days from Saturday 14th until Sunday 15th of May 2016. I attended it on Saturday 14.05.2016.


The Bel Âge Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty show took place in London Olympia exhibition centre located in West Kensington in London. The venue was firstly opened in 1886 and serves as a home for international trade shows, conferences and consumer events. It is easily accessible-I went there using London Underground train from West Kensington and walked for around 3 min to get to the venue. During the weekend trains run every 15 to 20minutes which is convenient. Another option was to take one of the Overground trains traveling directly to Kensington Olympia.

My day at the Bel Âge Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show:

I arrived at London Olympia around 11:20. I love trying new products and experiment with treatments so I was looking forward to attending this event for a while.

My facial with the Organic Pharmacy was booked for 12:00 so I wanted to pick up my ticket as soon as possible and make my way to the exhibition area. Exhibitors included companies covering skincare, hair-care, nail care, advanced beauty treatments and nutrition. There were also a few clothing brands showcasing their new designs, a juice bar to restore the energy levels and some fashion brands exhibiting their newest collections.

Facial with the Organic Pharmacy:

After my quick walk around the hall, I went to check in for my facial. The receptionist in the VIP beauty area-Patrick was extremely friendly and after a quick chat he asked me to follow his colleague into one of many treatment rooms. I sat down while my therapist explained the treatment to me. My 30 minutes facial was truly relaxing. It started with some deep cleansing and was followed by a facial massage. In the interim my beauty therapist applied a mask to brighten and lift my skin. Subsequently, my mini-treatment continued with more relaxing massage using the Organic Pharmacy products.

After a relaxing 30min at the hands of the Organic Pharmacy beautician, I walked with her to the Organic Pharmacy stand where Paul, a make-up artist working exclusively for the Organic Pharmacy applied a bit of foundation on my skin. He was very professional and I would love to try more Organic Pharmacy products in the near future as my make-up looked fresh and radiant.

Presentations & Live-demos:

Following on from my great experience with the Organic Pharmacy’s team, I decided to make the most of my day by going to see some remarkable demonstrations of the latest cutting edge developments. Throughout the day all attendees were able to participate in live-demos. I was present at a couple of them. I was fascinating to watch ‘The Cinderella Lift Live on stage’ presented by doctor Aamer Khan from Harley Street Clinic. The treatment is superb for anyone who wishes to achieve a face-lift effect by using this non-surgical alternative. I was amazed by the results achieved during the live demonstration by Dr Khan. The procedure gave some instant results by using a combination of Botox, dermal fillers and PDO threads. The model’s facial contour improved drastically in less than 60 minutes. I am against cosmetic surgery so it was an incredible showpiece of what results you could achieve with less invasive treatments.


Brands exhibiting during the day:

There were lots of brands that I use on a regular basis such as: Elemis, Benefit, Lancôme and Proto-col. Other beauty and skincare brands that I visited included: Aria Beauty, Bionix, Premier selling products from the Dead Sea, Jouve, Urban Veda, Zuzka and Clarena.

There were lots of beauty clinics and doctors providing a valuable advice i.e. Dr David Jack, Dr Jane Leonard, TLC Group, Linia Skin Clinics and Prof. George Nadh. Some of them were even performing some live-demonstrations. They all provided some useful suggestions when I approached them to check what new treatments they could recommend.

In addition, there were a few brands offering their pampering day experiences and photo-shoots. I am afraid that I need to say that the sales reps from ‘The Face London’ and ‘Vanity’ studios were extremely pushy and didn’t take ‘no’ as an answer…  I used to work in fashion and beauty so I didn’t like their approach-giving a quick introduction to your company and services you offer is fine but if you see that your client is not interested you should just leave it… On the other hand, advisors from Donna Bella Ltd, were friendly and welcoming. They were on hand to demonstrate their collection of beauty and hair care products and willing to show how their straighteners and curlers are different from my GHDs.

Moving on, all visitors to the show were able to participate in 30min yoga classes on the fitness stage with the ‘Body and Brain’ who also run a ‘Longevity Walking’ presentation during the day. I also watched therapists from Qi Wellness performing some of their signature energy treatments.

Competitions and special offers:

There were lots of competitions and special offers running during the day. From the moment I entered the venue, I was certain that I wanted to take advantage of some great offers that were available to all participants. Most of the exhibitors had exclusive offers and I ended up spending tons of money but as I always say: you only have one skin so make sure that you look after it! 😉 The offers that I took advantage during the show were:

  • REVIDOX 2 months’ supply (60 tablets) for the price of 1. I bought this supplement to determine if it really works and discover the full beneficial results from REVIDOX+ over the recommended time period. It is a new ‘beauty from within’ supplement backed by clinical studies to fight the signs of ageing on a cellular level. I will aim to provide you with some more information soon.
  • CLARENA Polska offered some discounted prices on their skincare. I spoke with one of their consultants-Ms Ania and bought some Oxygen Infusion Mask as well as a face roller system and hyaluronic roller cocktail serum. I cannot wait to try these products.
  • AURORA light therapy face mask from the Wellness Tree Group was available for £349 instead of RRP of £399. Light therapy is medically recognised and clinically proven to treat a wide range of skin imperfections and signs of ageing. The Aurora mask uses a number of different lights to treat a range of conditions. As I am getting married in a few months’ time, I thought that it will be a great investment as I would love to improve my skin condition before my big day. I hope that the results will be as good as promised.
  • TLC Group offered a discounted price (£59) on their Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Facial. This treatment was great for me as it is a non-surgical alternative that provides tightening and reduces the early signs of ageing and loss of firmness.

Ticket prices:

There were a few options of tickets to choose from:

  • Standard day pass  (£18)
  • Standard weekend pass (£29)
  • VIP day package (£95). The VIP day package included: the official show guide, fast-track entry, a luxurious mini treatment, a glass of bubbly, access to the VIP Lounge and a fabulous goody bag full of beauty products to enjoy at home.

Overall experience:

The Bel Âge Anti-Ageing Show was a fantastic day full of discovering what’s new in skincare and beauty industries, getting some practical advice from the experts and pampering. The event was perfect for anyone who is concerned with ageing and wants (like me) to stop (or at least delay) the inevitable! There was a great variety of exhibitors involved, ranging from one of my favorite British skincare brands – Elemis to less established brands such as Zuzka. It was a great opportunity for beauty and skincare lovers to talk to the representatives from both famous and less prominent brands. I was immensely glad to see a stand from Polish brand ‘Clarena’ which I was looking forward to trying for a long time!

I am extremely glad to have participated in this event and I will definitely visit again next year! Thank you for an incredible day!

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