House décor: Time for some blinds

As some of you might know, I moved out of London back in December into a new-build house in the countryside on the outskirts of Colchester. Let’s be honest, moving out of our 2-bed apartment in London to a village in Essex was very exciting but at the same time it took a bit of time to adjust to our new routine involving a long daily commute. Thanks to Netflix and a good coffee from a station cafeteria, I got used to my commute and now I am happily re-established in Essex.

Having said this, our lovely 3 bed house still needs a lot in terms of furnishing, décor etc. In 6 months, we have managed to finish our bedroom and kitchen and slowly we are completing other bits around the house.

This month, we decided to buy some blinds and let me tell you – it wasn’t as easy as I thought it might be. Initially, we thought about using a well known company offering in-home appointment to offer perfect made to measure blinds. Unfortunately, as we have a limited budget we weren’t willing to spend a small fortune for blinds offered thus we looked online for some other providers that could help us.

After a lot of research and browsing quite a few websites selling blinds, we came across ‘Make My Blinds’. The company was founded in 2015 and strives to become the authority in the blind industry.

On their website I discovered a few values which I was impressed by:

  • Made by hand – all blinds are made to your own specification;
  • Attention to detail – all blinds are made by hand and machine to the highest quality;
  • Customer focused – company prides itself in a friendly UK customer service team that is happy to answer any question.

What I found really useful was a hub of knowledge on company’s social media platforms –  YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter providing the most commonly asked questions and answers.

The company offers a range of blinds: wooden, vertical, roller, venetian, skylight, roman and conservatory blinds. We decided to order:

  • Gibson Pewter Vertical blinds for my husband’s study – as he loves gaming and wanted something with a blackout option we selected a darker grey shade that also matches our carpets perfectly. We decided to have the vertical vanes split and bunch evenly on either side using the ‘split’ option which is great as you can control the lighting coming into your room.
  • Real Wood Gloss Daisy venetian blinds for our front kitchen and living room windows. I love this glossy, light bouncing blinds. They are also easy to clean as the dust just slides off.  They are great at controlling the light coming into our home and I really like that they have a long 4-year guarantee.

Order process:

The order process through Make my Blinds website is super user friendly and it enabled us to visualise what we were getting after we inputted sizing information, selected on which side we would like the controls to be in addition to stack side for our vertical blinds. We used a measuring guide which helped us to understand how we should measure the blinds properly to get them sized correctly. The blinds were also much cheaper than what we were quotes by a high street retailer and website states that prices are up to 70% cheaper. What is an additional plus is that you can order free samples and there is a free delivery on orders over £149.


I will be honest and admit that we didn’t install the blinds ourselves – firstly because we simply do not have time as we get home late and secondly, we are not really good in DYI. However, if you wish to install the blinds yourselves then Make My Blinds has a great knowledge hub helping you to do that for all different kinds of blinds.


I loved how easy the whole order process was and the website and it’s guides were great help for us as we did not have an idea from where to start. I would recommend ‘Make my Blinds’ to anyone who wishes to purchase high quality, beautifully finished blinds build to their specifications at a very competitive prices.



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