Dinner at Tekka-Japanese restaurant in Zagreb, Croatia

During my weekend break to Zagreb in Croatia, I decided to have some traditional Japanese cuisine. Some of you might ask why did I decide to have a meal in oriental restaurant while in Croatia. The answer is simple-I love sushi and have it at least once a week so I asked for a few recommendations and booked a table at Tekka restaurant.


Tekka restaurant is located in a business district, around 20 minutes’ walk or 5 minutes taxi ride from in the city’s centre.



We were welcomed by a friendly Croatian waiter-Svetlan who made us feel welcomed and attended our table throughout the evening.

Tekka has a modern and chic décor and it is perfect for a romantic meal with its dimmed lights and soft music playing in the background.

The menu:

Tekka offers traditional Japanese cuisine and hospitality. The restaurant’s head chef-Tomislav aims to deliver a superb quality Japanese cuisine to local diners. There is a vast choice of hot and cold dishes to choose from for any Japanese cuisine lovers.

I decided to start my meal with a glass of refreshing white wine. IMG_1181


There was a nice selection of hot and cold appetizers to choose from. We decided to share some Torikarrage-a Japanese style fried chicken. It was cooked to our liking and presented beautifully.



For our mains, we both decided to have a sushi set. I went for a Kyoto set and my husband had an Osaka set.

My Kyoto set included: 6 uramaki with Age-Ebi with prawns, 4 hosomaki Tuna rolls and some salmon and tuna sashmi. The Osaka set ordered by my husband consisted of 6 hosomaki salmon rolls and a mixture of 6 nigri including: tuna, salmon, shrimp, octopus and white fish sushi.


They were all an absolute treat in every way, including visually. I am sure that they all took a lot of careful preparation. What’s most important though, they were all freshly made to order not pre-prepared.


My husband skipped the dessert as he was full. I decided to have ‘Goma no Pafe’-a sesame mousse with green tea ice-cream. It was tasty and refreshing.


Overall experience:

We both enjoyed the food and atmosphere in this Japanese restaurant. Tekka offers irresistible succession of tastes and textures, served with extraordinary precision and elegance. We ate, a lot and everything was good, very, very good. All dishes were freshly prepared and if you like watching chefs preparing your food then you have an opportunity to do so as you can admire the work of Tekka’s top-chef through the open kitchen space.



For more information and to book visit:



Radnička cesta 37b 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!




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