Our Lunch at Hemigie’s Restaurant, Brussels, Belgium

During the last day of our trip to Brussels we had our lunch at Hemigie’s Restaurant. I was intrigued by the philosophy listed on their website: ‘Hemgie’s is about craft, pleasure and taste. We believe in taking our time, delivering you the best flavours and ingredients, which we have hunted for months. Quality is key in our kitchen, as well as putting you instantly at ease. Luxury, calm and service belong to our daily language’.


We booked our table for 1 p.m. When we entered the restaurant, we were welcomed by a friendly waiter who took us to our table. The decor of Hemigie’s restaurant is cosy, modern and simple. We felt welcomed and relaxed as soon as we sat down.



As we had our breakfast at the hotel, we weren’t too hungry and decided to skip the starters and only to have our mains.

For my main I decided to have some Océan Indien Salad. It had some green bans, tomatoes, avocado, prawns and smoked salmon. Its curry madras dressing made the whole combination quite unusual but very tasty. The portion size was generous and presented nicely.

My husband decided to have ‘Smack That’- one of the signature Hemigie’s burgers. He really enjoyed it and finished it in no time! I had a little bite and it was amazing!

I really liked our lunch at Hemigie’s restaurant. The food was served quickly, was tasty and the service was good so I would definitely recommend it.


Rue du Bailli 90,
1050 ixelles, Brussels

For more information and to book visit:


I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



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