Tried and Tested: Zaggora ACTIVE WEAR Slimming range

zaggoraA couple of weeks ago, I told you about some Zaggora breakfast smoothie which I loved. Today, I would like to tell you about Zaggora’s ACTIVE WEAR Slimming range.

At the begining of January (after putting on a bit over my honeymoon) I went back to the gym as I desperately want to lose my excess fat. On Zaggora’s website I read that:

‘Clinical studies at the University of Southern California and University of Brighton have proven that Zaggora Foldover Hotpants™ helps you burn more calories and gives you a better cardio workout, with less effort.’ Who can argue with the results of clinical studies? Definitely not me. I was convinced and as an extra treat I got myself a hot top and a pair of hot pants from Zaggora’s Active Wear range.



The range is specially designed with Thermofit fabrics for an instant slimming effect which you can get due to the ThermoFit fabric. This revolutionary fabric uses your body’s heat during exercise to help you burn more calories. After attending my first gym session wearing my new top and pants my body was completely wet. As of today, I’ve been using it for over 3 weeks and both my pants and top are really comfortable and easy to care for. I have lost 3kg so far and sweating a lot wearing Zaggora’s range definitely helped.


£29-£79. Zaggora gives $5 from every order to women’s charities.

You can order this and many other products from Zaggora’s website:

I hope you enjoy reading this review!



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