Tried and Tested: Paul Mitchell new TEA TREE SCALP CARE range

As some of you might know, I love trying new beauty products. I recently discovered a great new TEA TREE SCALP CARE range from Paul Mitchell.


I have heard recently that healthy hair and its growth is dependent on a healthy scalp. The new Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Scalp Care range is designed to give you a thicker and fuller hair while at the same time slowing down the process of hair thinning.

I decided to try all 3 products from this range:

1. TEA Tree SCALP CARE ANTI-THINNING SHAMPOO. This great shampoo is sulfate-free and gently removes impurities to prime the scalp. It contains the Regeniplex blend consisting of Kakadu plum, pea peptides, clover flower, turmeric and ginseng to stimulate the scalp and provide fuller, thicker hair. Size: 300 ml.

2. TEA Tree SCALP CARE ANTI-THINNING CONDITIONER. This amazing lightweight conditioner not only smells great but it also detangles fine and fragile hair. The Regeniplex blend used in shampoo is also included in this strengthening product. Size: 300 ml.

3. TEA Tree SCALP CARE ANTI-THINNING TONIC. This product should be used twice a day in order to create an optimal scalp environment for thicker, stronger, fuller hair. This tonic also contains Regeniplex blend and its main aim is to help increase hair density and encourage healthy hair growth.


I’ve been using the whole range for 2 weeks and my hair definitely feels fuller and stronger. If you need to give your hair some extra boost than you should definitely try this scalp care range as a seasonal treat for your locks.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



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