Tried and tested: KeraStraight Intense Boost Protein 30 Day Conditioning Treatment


As you probably remember, I recently tried a few haircare products from the KeraStraight Volume Enhance range. I liked them so much that I decided to try a signature KeraStraight Intense Boost Protein 30 Day Conditioning Treatment at Trevor Sorbie salon in Covent Garden in London.

Do you struggle with hair that is:

  • Dry / Damaged?
  • Curly / Wavy / Frizzy?
  • Too Thick / Takes Too Long?
  • or all of the above?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, than you should definitely give this express treatment a go. KeraStraight Intense Boost Protein Treatment contains the most advanced proteins and lightweight moisture encapsulation on the market today to repair and rehydrate hair from the inside out.


My KeraStraight treatment took only around 35 minutes. My hairdresser started it with washing my hair and then he applied KeraStraight Protein mask and dried my hair as the mask is heat activated. Once my hair was dried he rinsed off the mask and blow-dried my hair.


I loved the results of my KeraStraight Intense Boost Protein Treatment. My hair feels stronger, healthier and is definitely more manageable now. KeraStraight treatment is a perfect solution for everyone who finds their hair hard to manage and wants to give their hair some intensive repair and boost. I would definitely want to try more KeraStraight treatments soon!

You can see the results of my treatment on the picture below:



Price of this treatment depends on your hair length, area etc. You can find a KeraStraight Salon near you by clicking the link listed below:

I hope that you enjoyed reading this review!



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