Horrible night out at Montezuma Club, London

Today I would like to tell you about my night out at Montezuma Club in South Kensington in partnership with VIP Lounge.


I recently won a Twitter competition run by VIP Lounge @VipLounge and I was extremely looking forward to my night out with friends.

img_3704My prize was:

  • A bottle of vodka with mixers
  • Access to VIP Lounge area in the club
  • Champagne sparklers

I shared the details of my Twitter prize with some of my friends and was asked to forward all their names and surnames so they can be added to the guest list. We all registered on the website and got ready for our night out. I decided to wear one of my little black dresses from River Island.


After a couple of drinks just around the corner from the club we made our way to Montezuma London Club which is located a minute away from South Kensington station.

When we first arrived at the club at around 10:30p.m., my husband and a male friend of mine were asked to pay £20 for entry… We were all surprised but we paid and went downstairs.

Montezuma is extremely small… The dance-floor is basically of similar size to my living room and believe me my living room is not massive. But well, we sat down and I called Paul from @VipLounge to confirm when we will receive our drinks. First warning sign there was no answer… I texted @VipLounge and 40 minutes later I have finally heard from Paul. Basically I think that he is a club promoter who asks you to put your and your friends name on the list so he gets a commission out of attracting you to the club. Our drinks arrived over an hour later at 11:40.


We took a couple of photos and in the meantime the waitress asked 5 girls that we didn’t know to sit at our table. The waitress gave them drinks from the same bottle of vodka that I won and 5 minutes later she asked us to leave the table. I went to speak to the club manager he told me that if we want to stay sitting where we were than we need to pay for it! How rude?!? We left the area, my husband bought us all some drinks and we started dancing. The DJ was horrible but as we didn’t have any sitting area at that time, we started dancing. Within the minutes the dance-floor was soo full that we were unable to move. It was also quite smelly and one of my friends felt quite sick as she was unable to breathe.

The drinks were also overpriced and a bottle of White Goose Vodka was £450. I was shocked to discover that considering how tacky and small this club was.



I would never visit Montezuma again-it is overpriced, small, overcrowded and service was extremely rude and unfriendly. Be aware of any Twitter competitors from @VipLounge as they work with this club (I believe on a promoter basis) and if you win their Twitter prize then you will end up paying for everything anyway.

Hope you stay away from Montezuma-there are hundreds of other nice clubs in London that are better for a night out.







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