Tried and Tested: Paul Mitchell’s Styling range and Oxygentix Acne Control Foundation

This week, I would like to introduce you to a few products from Paul Mitchell’s styling range in addition to Oxygentic foundation.

If you are reading my blog regularly then you should already know that I have become a massive fan of Paul Mitchell’s hair-care range thus I wanted to check if his styling range is as good as his shampoos and conditioners.

I ordered the following 4 styling products:

  • Paul Mitchell’s Flexible Style ‘Sculpting Foam’ – Enhances texture with long-lasting memory while at the same time it helps to control frizz. It also adds shine and balance moisture as it contains Hawaiian awapuhi which helps to prevent moisture loss. Its styling and bodifying agents combined with panthenol provide a touchable hold.
  • Paul Mitchell’s Express Style ‘Quick slip’ – Provides flexible hold, adds definition, conditions and helps protect hair as it contains some softening conditioners and UV protection. This amazing product left my hair looking and feeling healthy.
  • Paul Mitchell’s Express Dry ‘Stay Strong’ Hairspray – Strong-hold spray that offers the ultimate style support and provides maximum control and volume.


  • Paul Mitchell’s Express Dry ‘Dry Wash’- Dry Waterless Shampoo. Its dry formula instantly left my hair looking and feeling freshly washed.


I decided to try them during my recent trip to Paris. After I washed my hair, I applied Paul Mitchell’s Flexible Style ‘Sculpting Foam’ to the roots of my hair to lift them up and add some volume. I also applied a few drops of Paul Mitchell’s Express Style ‘Quick slip’ throughout the length of my hair and then I dried it. Once my hair was blow-dried, I applied some hairspray to keep it in place. It has some humidity-resistant ingredients to help fight frizz so even though it was 29 C degrees in Paris my hair remained bouncy and looked healthy during the day. As evidence, I am posting a couple of photos taken in the morning, in the afternoon and during the evening.

On our last day, I was too lazy to wash my hair and style it so I sprayed a bit of Paul Mitchell’s Express Dry ‘Dry Wash’-my lifeless hair, not only looked revived but also smelt lovely. What I really liked about it was that it has colourless formula which leaves no residue.


I really enjoy using Paul Mitchell’s products-they are cheaper than some other hair care ranges that I used to use and the same results. You need to try them!

Secondly, I would like to tell you about Oxygentix, the world’s most breathable foundation. Oxygenetix, known for its original breathable foundation launched its first treatment foundation product, Oxygenating Acne Control Foundation recently. It is clinically proven to treat acne. As I had a very stressful few weeks and got a few breakouts I was really looking forward to trying a sample of this foundation. As I worked for Christian Dior previously, I was loyal to their Capture Total Serum foundation for ages but the concept of breathable foundation intrigued me thus I decided to try it.


Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation helps clear the skin as it contains 2% Salicylic Acid and uniquely delivers proprietary acne control ingredients through a patented, breathable delivery system. The hero ingredient in all Oxygenetix products is the pro-healing, patent-pending Ceravitae a super charged oxygen complex that promotes collagen cell production and connective tissue growth in compromised skin. Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation’s are available in a wide array of 14 shades so they would fit most skin tones.



Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation has Aloe Barbadensis gel-based formula that provides anti-bacterial qualities due to the fact that it contains 2% Salicylic Acid. It took three years in the making and it is transfer and water resistant, which allows it to stay on for hours even in humid environments.The product should only be used until the acne has cleared, then the original Oxygenating Foundation should be applied.



I really like Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation as it has a really light texture and medium coverage. Its natural components make it virtually a second skin and foundation doesn’t leave a ‘fake’ powdery residue on my face. Using skincare products to eliminate acne and then applying a heavy, nu-breathable foundation, is a step in the wrong direction. Oxygenating Acne Control Foundation will not only helped me to  conceal acne but also helped me to clear it. My face now looks fresh and young and the blemishes that I recently have seem like a bad dream that luckily ended.





You can get some more information about the whole range of Oxygentix Foundations on the official website:

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



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