Tried and Tested: Paul Mitchell hair-care

This week I would like to tell you about Paul Mitchell’s hair-care. I normally use either Kerastase or Tony & Guy’s ranges but I wanted to try something new so I got some products from Paul Mitchell. As I have quite fine hair, I went for 4 products from Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body Range and 2 products from Extra Strength Range.

The products that I tested were:

Extra-Body Daily Shampoo – is a great volumizing shampoo that cleanses and adds a body to fine to normal hair.My hair smelt lovely and had a lovely, healthy shine after I used it combined with the conditioner from the same range.

Extra-Body Daily Rinse – is a great daily conditioner that de-tangles and adds volume to fine hair, leaving locks full of body and shine. In addition, it helps repair and prevent damage caused by blow-drying and styling.

Thicken-up styling liquid – is a great styling product that made my thin hair feel thicker. What’s more important, my hair bounced and looked healthy as it added some extra shine and definition to it.

I finished styling my hair with a great Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray that fights frizz, boosts volume and adds shine. The ingredients such as panthenol and hydrolyzed wheat protein build body so my hair looked and felt thicker.


Secondly, I would like to tell you about 2 products from the Super Strong range:

Super Strong Daily Conditioner – its formula repairs and protects worn-down locks, leaving hair soft, smooth and moisturized. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes rebuild the internal structure of hair and get a soft and smooth hair.

Super Strong Treatment – it is a great treatment (should be used weekly) that strengthens and rebuilds troubled hair, improving elasticity and protecting from further damage. In addition, it made my hair more manageable and easier to style.


I would definitely try some more products from Paul Mitchell’s ranges as they made my feel look and feel beautiful. You should all give this brand a go-they have lots of different ranges to choose from.





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