Tried and Tested: Freshious Life & Beauty, New 5-A-Day™ skincare

Today I would like to tell you about the new 5-A-Day™ skincare from Freshious Life & Beauty.

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We all know that eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day is a necessity.  Freshious Life & Beauty have created 5-A-Day™ Nutritional Skincare Plan for the Face which is based on the unique blend of five organic superfood ingredients to cleanse, tone hydrate and protect your skin. The range was shortlisted as a finalist under the ‘Best Organic Beauty Product’ category so I decided to try it and see for myself.



The Freshious Life & Beauty range is packed with wholesome ingredients to ‘feed’ the skin with vital vitamins and minerals. What’s worth a mention is the fact that all the products are vegan friendly, gluten free and non GMO, containing only nutritious ingredients such as pomegranate, green tea, carrot, avocado and rose hip to provide premium skincare.


The Freshious 5-A-Day™ range comprises of day, night and eye cream, cleansing milk and a facial serum:

  • Freshious 5-a-Day™ 2-in-1 Cleansing Milk 100ml 
    • Facial cleanser enriched with lemon, mandarin and pomegranate;
    • Gently cleanses for smooth fresh skin;
    • Ingredients stimulate cell renewal and fight dullness.
  • Freshious 5-a-Day™ Certified Organic Facial Serum 30ml
    • Certified organic facial serum;
    • Enriched with white grape seed, avocado and green tea;
    • Light enough for fast absorption and non-greasy feel.
  • Freshious 5-A-Day™ Radiance Day Cream 50ml
    • Day cream enriched with apricot, carrot seed and mandarin;
    • Packed with skin softening nutrients;
    • Vitamins A and C nourish and protect from the environment.
  • Freshious 5-A-Day™ Radiance Night Cream 50ml 
    • Night cream enriched with Rose hip, pomegranate and green tea;
    • Ingredients stimulate cell repair;
    • Boosts collagen and elastin.
  • Freshious 5-A-Day™ Radiance Eye Cream 15ml
    • Eye cream enriched with green tea, carrot seed, avocado, and pomegranate;
    • Helps to refresh, smooth, firm and tone;
    • Light application and fast absorption.



I was looking for a high quality and performance natural skincare that was full of the antioxidant rich ingredients that work. I’ve been using the Freshious 5-A-Day™ range for almost a month now and my skin looks and feels great. It is radiant, smooth and my fine lines look less visible. I am obsessed with my skin and always look after it well so the concept of ‘feeding’ my skin with a new skincare range really appealed to me:

“Because if you want healthy, radiant and youthful skin, you’ve got to feed it just as much minerals, vitamins and antioxidants as your body does. Skin really does feed from what you put on it”.– Freshious life & Beauty

All Freshious 5-A-Day™ products are made from the highest quality ingredients and are reasonably priced so I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to give their skincare routine a boost.


To purchase your Freshious 5-A-Day™ range head to Holland & Barret or order directly from Freshious’s website:

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



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