The Aspire Lounge at Luton Airport

A few weeks ago, I was travelling from Luton for a weekend break to visit my parents. I was at work most of the day and as my flight was not departing until the evening, I decided to book myself and my husband to the Aspire Lounge so I could respond to all my work emails prior to our departure.



The Aspire Lounge is located at Luton Airport just the security control.



Whether you wish to work or relax before you depart, the Aspire lounge at Luton Airport, provides a perfect environment and stress-free services:
– Free WiFi;
– Charging facilities;
– Flight Information Screens;
– Spa Facilities (Bliss Spa-additional fees apply);
– Newspapers & Magazines;
– Shower Facilities and SnoozePods-great if you have a stopover and need to recharge prior to your next flight.
– Complimentary Hot Food snacks and treats;

– Premium Menu – Complimentary Beers, Wines and Spirits and soft drinks;
– Work Zones;


The Aspire Lounge at Luton Airport’s mission is to provide their customers with the perfect start to their journey and free them from the stressful hustle and bustle of the airport.
The Aspire Lounges are open to all customers irrespective of the class and airline they travel with at the additional fee.

Overall experience:

After I checked-in, dropped my bag and went through the security control, I only had around 40 min to enjoy the facilities. It was enough time though to grab a quick drink, snack and to catch up on some last minute work emails. I loved the look of  SnoozePods and would definitely use them if I had more time.


The Aspire Lounge at Luton Airport is a great place to visit if you wish to relax in piece and grab a pre-flight refreshments.


You can pre-book your access to the Aspire lounge directly through the website:

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!




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