BARREtoned classes in Notting Hill studio, London

I am on a mission to transform my body in 8-weeks. As my personal trainer once said: ‘to maximise your results you need to balance your diet and exercise’. I ordered my 8-week body plan and decided to join BARREtoned studio in Notting Hill in London. I attended my first BARREtoned class yesterday and I was really impressed.



BARREtoned studio is based in a fashionable Notting Hill area, within a close proximity from the Royal Oak, Westbourne Park and Notting Hill stations. I work in Westbourne Park so I was looking for a place to exercise before or after work so after discovering that the studio is located not far from me, I decided to give it a go and try their classes.


BARREtoned has 2 exercise studios (1 upstairs & 1 downstairs), reception where you can grab some water or snacks, shower rooms and lockers so you have all need in there.


When I found out about BARREtoned studio I wanted to know how they differ from all other studios I’ve previously been a member of. What intrigued me was a claim on BARREtoned website that the classes can rapidly produce visibly toned muscles and increase the body’s ability to burn fat. In addition, BARREtoned workouts aim to tone and strengthen your entire body, with particular attention paid to improving your posture and balance.

BARREtoned classes are running throughout a day and range from a quick 45-minutes lunch classes to 1 hour full-body workout classes. They are suitable for all skill levels.

Yesterday, I attended a standard 1 hour morning class. BARREToned has quite a few different instructors-my class was lead by Qin.


When I arrived, before my first class started, I bought some BARRE socks with and had a quick chat with the instructor. The instructor (Qin) explained what I should be expecting during the class and the concept behind BARREtoned. She was extremely friendly, smiley and made me feel welcomed and excited about my class.

The class was performed at the ballet barre and on mats. We were all using small controlled movements to work each muscle group to exhaustion. There was also a lot of stretching involved. At moments, my whole body was shaking and almost giving up but it felt great to push myself beyond my limits.



If you are tired of your regular gym routine and classes then you should definitely register at BARREtoned studio and try one of their classes. Either a 45 / 60 minute high intensity, low impact, workout will target all the muscles (even the ones that you forgot about). I am astonished as I thought that I will be really sore today after my super intense workout yesterday but surprisingly I am all fine as during you are focusing on very small muscle groups and stretching them throughout the class.

The most important tip I can give you though is to have fun, enjoy it and try to exceed your limits. I will be definitely returning back and I am planning to join one of their workouts that take place on Wednesday evenings which are followed by a wine tasting.


BARREtoned Ltd.

Notting Hill Studio
12 Chepstow Road
London, W2 5BD


I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



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