Tried and Tested: KeraStraight Volume Enhancing Shampoo, Conditioner and Style Root Lift Spray Gel

I have recently came a new range of haircare products called KeraStraight. As I straighten my hair quite often I decided to give it a go.


KeraStraight is a British company, launched 7 years ago in 2009. It produces innovative hair repairing treatments and products in addition to the award-winning KS Ultimate treatment that repairs and straightens hair at the same time. The range consists of some quick-fix 30-day treatments, luxurious supporting shampoos and conditioners and a small range of highly innovative styling products.

Why should you use KeraStraight:

According to the producer, the range:

  • Is suitable for all hair types
  • Straightens & repairs simultaneously
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Strengthens hair, to the very last tip
  • Is humidity resistant
  • Is Formaldehyde free



KeraStraight products focus on straightening and repair. I have fine hair so I ordered these 3 products from KeraStraight website to add some extra volume and strength:

  • KeraStraight Volume Enhance Shampoo


This shampoo contains a blend of volumising and conditioning ingredients as well as a specially formulated KS Complex. This innovative compound, made from African and Amazonian fruit and plant extracts, protects against environmental stresses, helping you benefit from longer-lasting flawless results.

  • KeraStraight Volume Enhance Conditioner


I used KeraStraight Volume Enhance Conditioner after shampooing my hair with the shampoo from the same range. It is made from a luxurious blend of natural conditioning ingredients, proteins and essential volumising ingredient pro-vitamin B5 in addition to the specially formulated KS Complex.

What I really loved about this conditioner was the fact that its natural ingredients help to detangle hair and protect it against breakage.

  • KeraStraight Style Root Lift Spray Gel


Once my hair was freshly washed, it was time to style it J I used the KeraStraight Style Root Lift Spray Gel. This product builds incredible body and strength. It has heat-activated proteins that expand within the structure of the hair as it dries, delivering extra volume, strength, hold and support.


All KeraStraight products are designed to maximise the longevity and benefits of KeraStraight treatments. Even though, I never had KeraStraight treatment, after I used the products, my hair looked thicker, fuller and seemed stronger. In addition it was straight, soft and manageable. As KeraStraight range is free from harmful chemicals you just know that it gets the best natural ingredients available.

I will definitely want to try some other KeraStraight products in the future!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this review!



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