Tried and tested: Timeless Truth Travel Mask, JimJams chocolate spreads, Lilash serum

This week I would like to start with a review of a great travel mask I tried on my flight to Warsaw recently. As some of you know, I am obsessed with trying new products that help me to make my skin look radiant and fresh. I do not like flying at the best of times and I normally have a glass of Prosecco (or two) before I get on the plane so as a result my skin normally looks dull and tired when I land due to loss of hydration and the cabin Air-condition that sucks out any hydration from my skin… When I saw this mask I was intrigued and as I normally sleep (after my Proseccos) I wanted to try it. We all know the rules: drink plenty of water and slather on the moisturiser in-flight. But now all you need is a Timeless Truth Sheet Travel Pack.


This mask set is a 3-in-1 system designed with the busy traveller in mind and is split into 3 sections:

Section 1 – Make up remover – Oil based

Section 2 – Deep clean – Water based

Section 3 – Hydra fibre moisturiser mask

The Hydra Fibre sheet mask from section 3 acts as a barrier to the skin, penetrating and sealing the moisturising, nourishing ingredients deep into the skin, whilst adding that layer of protection from the dry air.


The mask should be applied for 20min but I ended up sleeping in it for almost an hour. When I landed my skin felt soft, hydrated and my complexion was glowing. I was impressed and will definitely get this masks for any future flights.


The Travel mask is currently on offer (£13 for a set of 2) and you can order it from:


Secondly, I need to tell you about my latest food discovery. I love Nutella but I was concerned with the amount of calories I was consuming on my pre-wedding diet. I decided to try some JimJam chocolate spreads. JimJams are the award winning creators of a range of reduced sugar jams and chocolate spreads. Mother Kellie Bath wanted something healthier for her children so, with her husband Kevin, she launched a range of healthier spreads.

Their Chocolate spreads contain 83% less sugar than others, and their jams boast a high fruit content with 35% less sugar than competitors.

In addition, their Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and Blackcurrant Jam have already won Great Taste Awards.

I decided to try JimJams 83% Less Sugar Milk Chocolate Spread  and JimJams 83% Less Sugar Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. They were simply delicious and provided me with a healthier and less calorific alternative to Nutella.


You can read a bit more about these spreads on JimJams website:

If you wish to purchase them and try them for yourself them they are available from the Tescos, Holland & Barret, Ocado amongst some other retailers.


JimJams chocolate spreads are very affordable and cost £2.59 for a 350g jars.

What’s more, today, I am starting my 90-days trial of the Lilash serum. I have read so many great reviews of this product so I decided to give it a go and commit myself to applying it every day for a period of 90 days. The results of this eyelash treatment that I saw on Lilash website were simply amazing. The before and after pictures as well as some testimonials convinced me to try it.

The 3 months eyelash treatment costs £60.79 so I will let you know if this eyelash serum works and share some before and after photos with you so that you can make an informed judgement and decide whether or not it is worth to invest your money in this product.

If you wish to read about the serum then you should visit Lilash website:


I hope that you enjoyed reading this review.



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