Photowall – My house transformation during COVID-19

As some of you know, I moved into a new house last year. It took me almost a year to furnish it. Due to COVID-19, we have more spare time so during the Easter weekend me and my husband decided to transform a couple of rooms further by wallpapering them.

We researched a lot of designs and companies which create beautiful, custom made wallpapers and wall murals. We came across Photowall – a Swedish wall-art company passionate about creating inspiring living spaces with personality. This Scandinavian company is well-known for its top-quality wall décor that can transform any room and give them a brand-new look and feel. You can select from thousands of designs and motifs which are handpicked and printed to order. In addition to stunning wallpapers and wall murals, Photowall offers a range of other products such as canvas prints, framed prints and posters. We decided to order a small wall mural for our study and a larger one for our spare bedroom.

Before I tell you about our wallpapering adventure, let me share some background on the company. Photowall was established in 2006 when brothers Niklas and Charlie Johansson realised that there was a gap on the market when it comes to personalised wall art so they decided to try something new – printing wallpaper digitally.

Environmental work

Photowall strives to minimise their environmental impact and due to that only produces made to order products so that there is no need to hold anything in stock or discarded unnecessarily. In addition to that, I’ve learned that the printing ink used for their wallpapers contains no solvents or hazardous chemicals and is biodegradable. I wish more companies followed this ethos!


We wanted to add a bit of glamour to our study. They say that the preparation is a key so I ordered a Wallpaper Kit which contained everything we needed. 14C4430C-D2D4-4E58-87D7-B436DF29B305For our study, we selected a modern wall mural called ‘Golden Blush’.


Before we started, we read the instructions carefully. Our wall mural was printed to the specific measurements we provided so we received a number of the strips to be attached to the wall. This made hanging our wallpaper fun and easy. The panels were clearly numbered in the order they should be hung on the wall. We begun by cutting them one-by-one. Next we prepared the wallpaper paste which was included with each mural free of charge and mixed it with some warm water. After a few minutes the paste was ready so we applied it onto the wall. Next step was to glue the wallpaper straight onto the wall and hang the strips from edge to edge. We used a level to make sure that each panel was applied in a perfect horizontal position. The paint brush and our hands were used to get rid of any air bubbles. Next we applied the remaining panels making sure that the pattern aligned between them and no joint-lines were visible. When we finished, the wall looked extraordinary.

We were encouraged to continue our transformation – this time in our spare guest bedroom. We selected ‘Antique Stone Wall’ design.
F58133C1-4E06-4F5D-9D0E-EA04DDA989C8We repeated all steps and once applied, I think it looked even better than on the pictures. What do you think?


I was surprised how easy the application of the wall murals was! Judge it yourselves but I think that both rooms – my study as well as my guest room look stunning now. Photowall has thousands of different designs so everyone can find something they’ll enjoy and love once applied. What’s more, although the company’s headquarters are based in Scandinavia, all orders are shipped in 1–2 days. In the event of a production delay, you can cancel your purchase free of charge. Isn’t this amazing?

I will definitely use Photowall again as I still have quite a few walls to transform.

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