Qi Energy Treatment at Qi Wellness, London

Last week, I tried a Qi Energy treatment at the Qi Wellness Centre in central London.


Qi Wellness Centre is conveniently located just around a corner from the Oxford Street Tube Station in Margaret Street.



I decided to have an evening Qi Energy treatment so went to Qi Wellness feeling stressed and tired after a full day at work. As soon as I arrived, it felt like I’ve entered an oasis of calmness. The reception area looked very bright and I was welcomed by a friendly receptionist who asked me to fill in a short form describing myself and my current physical and mental condition. She then showed me around the centre and members relaxation area.


After a short wait (I arrived too early), I was taken to the treatment room.


The treatment was conducted by an extremely welcoming Leigh-Anne and took around half an hour. It started with a short consultation where my therapist explained what Qi Energy is and told me about the treatment.

Leigh-Anne explained that Qi is the fundamental energy that creates and supports life. It is nature’s primary source of energy and what keeps everything in balance and harmony. When we have sufficient Qi, we have health and vitality; but if our Qi is deficient or blocked, stress and ill health may occur. The  treatment aims to release tension, stress and detoxifies the body. It also helps to promote the body’s own natural healing ability by reinforcing the flow of Qi.

After a short conversation, I was asked to lie on the bed and my Qi Energy treatment started. It was similar to acupressure I’d experienced previously. In treatment, physical pressure was applied by hand to different points on the body with the aim of clearing any blockages I might have. However the pressure was accompanied by hissing sounds from Leigh Anne.

I left feeling happy, relaxed and calm. It was great to have some time for myself and stop thinking about my work or upcoming wedding.


I really enjoyed my Qi energy treatment and will definitely visit again soon to escape a hassle and bustle of my busy life.


Qi Wellness also runs classes (Qi Energy & Chanting) and ancestor healing so if you are interested then check their website or blog for more information:



Alternatively, you can always check and follow their social accounts.


Hope you enjoyed reading this review!