PAIRFUM London Large Bell Reed Diffusers

I love when my flat smells nice so I always buy nice scented candles and reed diffusers. You probably know that fragrance can transport us to our happy place…

I have recently received PAIRFUM London Large Bell Reed Diffuser as a gift and I really like it. My house smells lovely and it looks very luxurious and elegant.


On another note, every blend reed diffuser will fill your house with 3-5 months of exquisite fragrance based on natural and organic essential oils.


The enticing variety of unique perfume oils in the PAIRFUM Collection has 19 scents to choose from including:

  • Anise and Black Vanilla
  • Cedar Noir
  • Neroli & Olive
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Pink Lavender
  • Pink Powder & Violet
  • White Lavender
  • Black Orchid
  • Linen & Orchid
  • Trail of White Petals
  • Blush Rose & Amber
  • Cognac & Vanilla
  • SPA
  • Innocent Vanilla
  • Bergamot & White Tea
  • Magnolias in Bloom
  • Orangerie Blossoms
  • Rich Spices
  • White Sandalwood



£21.50 for 100 ml of fragrance oil.


I hope you enjoyed reading this review!



Etta French Jewellery Candles

I am a very girly-girl and I love scented candles therefore I would like to tell you about Etta French Jewellery Candles today. I have recently received Etta French candle as a gift and the beautiful fragrance was just the beginning…

Etta French LR 139

Etta French Jewellery Candles are amazing as a gift as they combine the best of fragrance and jewellery in one sumptuous package:

  • Fragrance can transport us to our happy place.
  • Jewellery can make us feel special and sentimental.

I would consider them to be a thoughtful gift for yourself or a friend which encapsulates everything you love: perfume, jewellery and the element of surprise. As the candle burns down, your house will not only smell lovely but you will also discover a secret silver packet containing a piece of quality, stylish jewellery, designed and sourced by luxury independent jewellers Pearl & Queenie.


On another note, every candle is hand poured in the UK, using 100% natural plant wax and a blend of exquisite fragrance to infuse your home with luxurious scent. What’s more, Etta French candles are both sustainable and kind to the environment as they are free of petroleum-based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax, they are clean burning, long lasting, free of chemical additives, and not tested on animals.

Etta French LR 121


The initial collection has six scents to choose from:

  • Bluebell
  • Violet and Sweet pea
  • Wisteria & Orange blossom
  • Rose, Saffron & Vetiver
  • Pomegranate & Mint
  • Nutmeg, Orange & Cinnamon


Etta French is all about celebrating luxury at an affordable price. All candles cost just £37.50 and last for up to 50 hours.You can currently get 10% discount (valid for the whole of July). The discount code is ETTABLOGJUL16.