Godiva Easter Egg Masterclass

As some of you might know, I have a very bad sweet tooth. As Easter approaches, I decided to attend a Godiva Easter Egg Masterclass in London this week on Monday.

Godiva has recently partnered with six influences (Henry Holland, Gizzi Erskine, Candice Brown, Rosie Fortescue, Sophie Tea and Emma Block), to create six one-of-a-kind Easter eggs, to mark their Sainsbury’s Spring Collection launch.

Left to right; Sophie Tea, Emma Block, Gizzi Erskine, Rosie Fortescue, Henry Holland and Candice Brown

The creations include decadent dark and milk chocolate leopard print egg and glamourous jewel and peacock feather adorned creation.  The eggs will be given away to lucky members of public via Godiva’s social media platforms ahead of 1st April so make sure that you check their Twitter and Instagram page.

Godiva’s chocolates are always a perfect treat for those looking to treat themselves or others. After I saw these beautiful Easter Eggs, I was really looking forward to my masterclass. When I arrived, I saw a beautiful, flowery decoration throughout a room and I was welcomed by a glass of bubbly.

After a few minutes all attendees sat down at our egg decorating stations and we started our masterclass by some chocolate testing. It really enjoyed listening to one of Godiva’s chocolatiers about the differences in chocolate – how it smells, its texture, sound, taste and taste. Chocolate has never felt, or looked, or smelt so good…

Once our tasting was completed we started decorating our Easter eggs with a help of another chocolatier who assisted us with our design and provided us with some valuable tips. There were lots of edible  When my Easter egg was ready I was really proud of it. My final masterpiece looked amazing and I decided to gift it to my mother-in-law.

You should definitely check Godiva’s Collection as it’s not only delicious but it also looks great.

I hope you all enjoy your chocolate Easter eggs and treats!

Godiva’s Exclusive Easter range can be bought online:





Tried and tested: esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolates

I have recently attended a talk about the benefits on esthechoc Beauty Chocolates. It’s well known fact that dark chocolate has antioxidant properties. I love sweets however I am normally anxious about their effect on my diet so I was extremely fascinated in how this product could be beneficial to my health.

Esthechoc is a first anti-ageing nutricosmetic with a strong, scientifically proven impact on the metabolism of ageing skin. It contains 72.6% dark chocolate and has only 38 kcal per piece .


The Cambridge University clinical research has proven that esthechoc:

– significantly reduce inflammation,

– increase antioxidant activity

– improve microcirculation in the skin.

How is it different to any other dark chocolates?

On the esthechoc website I read that: ‘ It contains a combination of highly potent active substances: Astaxanthin (the most powerful antioxidant known to science) and Cocoa polyphenolic epicatechins (found naturally in chocolate). Unique micellar technology used during production of esthechoc makes these actives bioavailable.’


What’s the prescribed amount of esthechoc?

It is recommended to have one small esthechoc a day. Each box contains three weeks supply and it’s been clinically shown that after 21 days your skin will look more nourished and benefit from greater protection against free radicals.



I decided to add esthechoc to my diet during the last 3 weeks and I was having this 38-calories chocolate as a reward after my breakfast each morning.

After, I finished my box my skin looked radiant, healthy and luminous. I will definitely continue buying this chocolate to ensure seeing these results.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this review!